Ashley McKibben


Berlin Mischeif


My first stop off in Germany was Berlin for just a couple of days before Swing Castle Camp. It was wonderfun to catch up with Kim and Kellen. I’m convinced that some people you’ll always feel close to no matter how much time passes in between seeing each other.



The first day everyone was still working and so I tagged along to some thrift shops with Kim while she looked for set stuff. She’s a…

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Os Gemeos spotted in Lisbon 
I like pictures of people sleeping where you wouldn’t expect to find people sleeping 

Ashley McKibben, Morocco 2014
Sometimes you’re alone 
Ashley Mckibben, Portugal 2014
Ashley McKibben, Portugal 2014

Moroccan Beach Day

Making the beach look good ;]

I’ve had so many beach days in different countries but this may have been my least favorite. Sorry, Morocco! I’ve heard that they have some beautiful beaches but I didn’t not fall in love with the ones I visited. They were over crowded and dirty. There was trash in the water. It’s pretty common practice to be a litterbug in Morocco but that doesn’t make me enjoy swimming near discarded wrappers.

first beach view

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Of all the gin joints in all the world

Of all the gin joints in all the world


My first full day of exploring Kalid’h agreed to take me to Casablanca. I was really excited to see “Ricky’s Café.” None of this experience was as glamorous as Humphrey would have you believe. 

 DSC_0435-34DSCN3959-30 time goes by..

…as time goes by..

Casablanca is however home to a very famous Mosque and I was able to see it.



Other things noteworthy things: two twin towers that I wasn’t very interested in, a super long bus…

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Mohammedia, Morocco 
Casablanca, Morocco 

Granada, Spain


I used to get a cheap ride to Granada and it was a very good first experience. I slept most of the way. This time I was prepared. I found where the address for the hostel was suppose to be. This time there just happened to not be a hostel at the address. I’m still not sure if it’s closed or if I was given the wrong address but after the whole Malaga thing I wasn’t ready to walk…

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